Marielle Lee Lemasters


My name is Marielle LeMasters, and I like to think of myself as an artistic athlete. As I spend most of my time in basketball, but my burning passion is photography. There isn't a scene that my mind doesn't process, trying to find an opportunity for the perfect shot. My interest in digital photography blossomed in seventh grade when i took my first photography course. What I feel photography allows me to do is capture a moment in life how only I see things, and utilizing light, angles, and positioning to make even the littlest thing seem like a masterpiece.
I prefer to shoot with Canon, followed by Nikon. The reason why my preferences are in this order is more than likely due to the fact that my first camera was a Canon, and i have now accustomed to using focus to my advantage, and have mastered both the auto, and manual focus.
I currently shoot with a Canon 5D Mark ii
I certainly hope you enjoy these pictures of my passion.